Its time to save money



After reading this really great blog about going on a spending diet (, I have decided to make some small steps and therefore “beauty sacrifices” to spend less. My list is modified, but I think it’ll work for me right now.

First things first:

1) Unsubscribe from all shopping websites.

Yes, I am an avid online window shopper; going to the mall to look around doesn’t thrill me anymore and I found that I would spend more time searching deals online. Therefore, any shopping temptation has to go.


2) Go on a beauty pan.

A beauty pan involves using up the products you currently own until you’re finished. Basically, I cannot buy any new makeup or hair prooducts *tear*. Also, this means diving into my stash of products that I don’t necessarily love, but will need to reinvent ways to make them more useful *more tears*; yes I am a princess.


3) Make an effort to make lunch every night before bed.

A no-brainer. However, because I am a foodie and I am stuck in the lab all day, sometimes you NEED to eat and go out for food. Therefore, my spending budget on food and entertainment for the month is $100 cash only. I am planning my meals in advance now, and if I’m in a rush, grab a salad from the grocery store instead of from a food franchise (much much cheaper).


4) Stick to a grocery list.

My plan is to make a grocery list before hitting the store (drugstores included) and ensure I don’t buy anything that’s not written. I found that you can avoid splurge purchases by walking around the perimeter of the store, since thats where most food essentials can be found. A really great site for eating on a budget is


5) Make coffee/tea instead of running to Starbucks.

Pretty straightforward. I will have to lower my standards for coffee these days.


6) Shop only if I truly need and stick to a list.

Similar to the grocery store list, if I walk into a clothing store I can only purchase what I intended to. This can only happen after I first take stock of my closet. Next, write down specifically what I need (I may realize that I don’t need anymore clothes) and approach a store with the set list in mind. No more browsing the sales racks for random purchases!


7) Change my phone plan.

I am definitely sure that I pay too much for my current phone plan. So in the next few days, tackle it so that I can reduce my monthly payments.

8) Walk when I can.
Instead of spending money on taking the subway, I will walk! This way I can save money and get good exercise out of it.
My plan altogether is to be resourceful and happy with what I have, and not be obsessed with what I want!

Hello 2013!

I have many New Years resolutions and life goals. However, I also know that resolutions rarely last. So as a start, I am going to list down things that I will start right away and those that I intend to begin sometime this year. I am a huge newbie at blogging and I know that I am being rather ambitious, but I’ll just have to take baby steps…

Things to start now:

1) Spend less!

2) Write that paper I have been meaning to publish ASAP

3) Settle on a morning routine to make it to the lab at a decent time

Things to eventually start:

1) Make meals more often to become better at cooking (and also save money!)

2) Create an organized system at work to increase my productivity and become better at planning experiments

3) Provide reviews for health and beauty products I’ve tried

4) Write about the process of preparing for and getting into Grad school as I know it

5) Exercise 3 times a week (includes sports games and recreational activities)

6) Take photos of beautiful things

7) Write about my experiences with dating and relationships

8) Write about fashion and DIY projects I’ve come across

9) Write about science!


I know this is a long list, but I have so many ideas that I want to share I feel like this is a great place to begin.