Its time to save money



After reading this really great blog about going on a spending diet (, I have decided to make some small steps and therefore “beauty sacrifices” to spend less. My list is modified, but I think it’ll work for me right now.

First things first:

1) Unsubscribe from all shopping websites.

Yes, I am an avid online window shopper; going to the mall to look around doesn’t thrill me anymore and I found that I would spend more time searching deals online. Therefore, any shopping temptation has to go.


2) Go on a beauty pan.

A beauty pan involves using up the products you currently own until you’re finished. Basically, I cannot buy any new makeup or hair prooducts *tear*. Also, this means diving into my stash of products that I don’t necessarily love, but will need to reinvent ways to make them more useful *more tears*; yes I am a princess.


3) Make an effort to make lunch every night before bed.

A no-brainer. However, because I am a foodie and I am stuck in the lab all day, sometimes you NEED to eat and go out for food. Therefore, my spending budget on food and entertainment for the month is $100 cash only. I am planning my meals in advance now, and if I’m in a rush, grab a salad from the grocery store instead of from a food franchise (much much cheaper).


4) Stick to a grocery list.

My plan is to make a grocery list before hitting the store (drugstores included) and ensure I don’t buy anything that’s not written. I found that you can avoid splurge purchases by walking around the perimeter of the store, since thats where most food essentials can be found. A really great site for eating on a budget is


5) Make coffee/tea instead of running to Starbucks.

Pretty straightforward. I will have to lower my standards for coffee these days.


6) Shop only if I truly need and stick to a list.

Similar to the grocery store list, if I walk into a clothing store I can only purchase what I intended to. This can only happen after I first take stock of my closet. Next, write down specifically what I need (I may realize that I don’t need anymore clothes) and approach a store with the set list in mind. No more browsing the sales racks for random purchases!


7) Change my phone plan.

I am definitely sure that I pay too much for my current phone plan. So in the next few days, tackle it so that I can reduce my monthly payments.

8) Walk when I can.
Instead of spending money on taking the subway, I will walk! This way I can save money and get good exercise out of it.
My plan altogether is to be resourceful and happy with what I have, and not be obsessed with what I want!